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Make your WhatsApp unique with this recommended ringtone. Besides simplifying things, the amusing ringtone undoubtedly creates delightful notifications for its owner.

Curious? Let’s take a look at the steps to use the app called Notification Reader: Shouter. This is the app you can use to change the notification ringtone to announce the sender’s name in WhatsApp notifications.

The Notification Reader: Shouter app utilizes Google’s text-to-speech converter technology. With this, WhatsApp notification text can be transformed into a customizable voice using the language and dialect of your choice.

Steps to Install the WhatsApp Caller Name Announcement App

This application allows you to update voice messages through the advanced customization menu. To modify it, here are the steps to create a WhatsApp ringtone that announces the sender’s name using Shouter.

  • Install Notification Reader: Shouter: Install the Notification Reader: Shouter application, or click the button below, then open the app.
  • Notification Access Dialog: A ‘Notification Access (important)’ dialog box will appear, simply click ‘Yes’.
  • Configure Notification Access: Proceed to configure notification access by clicking ‘Enable’.
  • Select Apps: You can now set which applications you want this Shouter to read notifications from.
  • Choose ‘WhatsApp’: Select the ‘WhatsApp’ app to have the system read the sender’s name for messages, phone calls, and video calls.
  • Language and Style: Now you’ve configured incoming WhatsApp notifications to announce the sender’s name. If you want a more pleasant voice result, you can manage the language and speaking style. You can access these settings under ‘App Notification’ > Select ‘Customize your voice notification message’.

Now, you’re all set to receive WhatsApp notifications with the sender’s name being announced. For a more enjoyable auditory experience, don’t hesitate to manage the language and speech style settings as mentioned.


In addition to announcing the sender’s name for messages/calls on WhatsApp, this application also has the ability to broadcast battery level notifications when charging, read notifications for a wide range of app types, proximity notifications on the map, missed calls, read texts and audible alarms. Quite comprehensive, isn’t it?

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