Discovering Divorce & Finance: Family Lawyer Magazine’s Fall 2018 Issue

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For family lawyers, the financial aspects of divorce can present significant challenges, becoming their Achilles’ Heel. While legal prowess and client relationships are essential, handling complex financial situations is equally crucial. In this issue, we shed light on the particularly intricate financial issues that family lawyers may encounter in their practice.

One common task is valuing a company during divorce proceedings, and you may have worked with reliable business valuators in the past. However, when faced with valuing an early-stage startup in the divorce context, the process becomes more intricate. Our article “Valuing an Early-Stage Company in Marital Dissolution” (page 26) explores this critical aspect.

Reviewing complex and voluminous valuation reports can be daunting for family lawyers. To help you assess the quality and reasonableness of such reports, “Red Flags in Valuation Reports” (page 18) provides useful tools to spot warning signs.

Apart from business valuation, other intricate financial issues may arise. For highly-compensated senior executives at public companies, deferred compensation awards that could convert into common stock add complexity to divorce proceedings. “6 Ways to Prepare for Clients with Non-Cash Compensation” (page 16) offers valuable insights to navigate this specific challenge.

However, financial matters aren’t the sole challenging aspects of family law practice. In this issue, you’ll find articles covering legal issues, practice management, technology, and well-being to help you maintain a balanced life. Some noteworthy articles include:

  • “Technical SEO and New Google Ranking Factors” (page 6)
  • “International Child Custody and the Hague Convention” (page 12)
  • “Cyberstalking, Hacking, and Spyware” (page 30)
  • “Toxic Stress and High-Conflict Cases” (page 36).

Embrace the wisdom shared in this issue to fortify your expertise and achieve success as a family lawyer, skillfully addressing both legal and financial challenges for your clients.

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