Complimentary Teleseminar for Family Lawyers and Divorce Professionals

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Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan, the publishers of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine, are leading 30-minute seminars focused on effectively marketing your family law firm.

Under the platform “DanMarthaPractical and Relevant Tips Every Other Month,” Divorce Marketing Group’s Teleseminars provide valuable insights into successful marketing approaches and strategies employed by family law attorneys and divorce practitioners. These sessions guarantee to deliver powerful, practical, and proven information in an easily understandable manner. The next podcast, titled “7 Steps to Managing and Enhancing Your Online Reputation,” is scheduled for Thursday, March 31, from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. EST.

In this upcoming teleseminar, participants will learn how family and divorce lawyers can maintain and improve their online reputation. The topics covered will include performing a reputation audit, addressing issues when not appearing in Google search results, and effectively managing negative information online. More details about this teleseminar are available for review.

Previous teleseminars have addressed subjects such as:

  • “4 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors”
  • “Optimizing Referrals Using Social Media”
  • “What Makes a Great Family Lawyer Website”
  • “Flat Fees For Services”

Transcripts and podcasts of these and other teleseminars are accessible for free.

For those interested in the upcoming teleseminar on March 31 and how to attend, further information can be found on Divorce Marketing Group’s Teleseminar Page.

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