Family Lawyers: Have You Organized Your House?

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If you were to sell your home, you would likely invest time and money in repairs, renovations, and clean-up before putting it on the market. Similarly, it’s crucial to ensure your family law practice is in top shape before investing significant money in marketing efforts.

Please assess each of the five areas below, circling the number that best represents your current situation (where 1 is “very poor” and 5 is “excellent”) to gauge whether your practice is in order:

1. Your Effectiveness and Commitment to Family Law

Are you fully committed to practicing family law? Do you regularly update your knowledge and skillset? Are your partners and associates well-versed in all relevant legal, financial, and psychological aspects of divorce? Demonstrating unwavering dedication to your practice builds trust with clients and referral sources alike.

2. Technology, Case Management, and Presenting in Court

In light of COVID-19, both clients and the courts have embraced virtual meetings and hearings. Embracing remote work and virtual communication saves time and money for your clients, making it crucial to stay up-to-date with technology and efficient case management.

3. Client Intake and Client Care

The first impression your firm creates is vital. Ensure your intake process is handled by well-trained, caring, understanding, and empathetic staff. Promptly answering incoming calls and offering texting options on your website can enhance client satisfaction. Implement service level objectives, respond to inquiries promptly, and monitor staff interactions with clients.

4. Your Reputation

Understanding how clients, colleagues, judges, and other professional referral sources perceive you is essential to your success. Seek feedback from those who refer clients to your firm and those who don’t, as both can offer valuable insights.

5. Appearance

You, Your Staff, Your Office: Appearances matter in the legal profession. Clients, potential clients, referral sources, and opposing counsel form impressions based on how professional you, your staff, and your office appear. Ensure a well-kept and organized office environment, both virtually and in-person, to inspire confidence and comfort among clients and colleagues.

Reviewing these areas will help you identify any potential areas for improvement in your family law practice and ensure that your “house” is in order before embarking on marketing endeavors.

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