Lawyer Javad Heydary is Missing and Facing a Contempt of Court Motion

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The Law Society of Upper Canada is currently investigating the whereabouts of Toronto lawyer Javad Heydary. The 49-year-old attorney last communicated with colleagues on November 15, stating he needed to return to Iran due to a sick family member.

A court had previously ordered Heydary Hamilton, his firm, to provide a certified check of $2.1 million, along with interest, that was being held in trust for a couple who had received a $5 million settlement in February. However, according to an affidavit from the Law Society of Upper Canada, as of November 21, Heydary Hamilton only had less than $320,000 in Trust, resulting in a shortage of over $3 million.

The investigation by the Law Society is centered on potential misappropriation and mishandling of trust funds, as well as failing to comply with a court order. As a result of the ongoing situation, several respected lawyers from Heydary’s boutique firms have resigned. The Law Society has taken over as trustee of the businesses to safeguard the interests of the clients, with auditors scrutinizing all of the Heydary firms, particularly Heydary Hamilton.

Recent revelations about Heydary’s living arrangements, such as renting a home instead of owning one in the esteemed Forest Hill area of Toronto, and taking out a loan for a Mercedes earlier in the year, have surfaced. Furthermore, his wife reportedly informed the firm of his passing over the past weekend.

Despite the reputation challenges lawyers often face, Heydary was previously featured on the cover of the Law Times as an innovative figure who established several successful legal businesses in Toronto and its environs. One notable case handled by Heydary Hamilton involved a $40 million lawsuit against Toronto’s Trump Hotel.

During the investigation, both the Law Society and the firms involved are committed to working together to continue serving clients as effectively as possible. Upholding the integrity of the legal profession is crucial, and instances of misconduct must not be tolerated by bar associations and lawyers alike.

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